volkswagon karmann ghia

A: Sounds like it is loose in its bolting to the transmission. That or the trans is not fastened well(so that the whole engine vibrates alot.) Screeching could be do to metals rubbing against each other.
That or worse. A main bearing is sliding in its shoe(instead of remaining stationary. Only fix is engine dissassembly and put in new bearings for the crankshaft.

Q: what are your favorite classic cars?
My favorites

1964 - 70 Ford Mustangs
1959 - 68 Chevrolet Corvettes
1968 - 70 Dodge Chargers
1950's - 1970's Chevrolet Pickups
1940's - 1970's Cadillacs
1964 / 65 Pontiac GTO
Volkswagon Beetles ( the old ones )
Volkswagon Karmann Ghia ( 1960's / 1970's )
Porsche 911 / 944 ( late 60's / mid 80's )
Chevy Coupes ( 1930's - 1950's )

I'm not sure if I like Chevy Impalas. Aren't they Hip-Hop cars ?
I think low riders look stupid. No offense to those who like them.

I also dislike Honda Civics with those spinning things on the hub caps. I think those look retarded.

And I hate any car that has that wing on the back of the trunk.
And I hate any car that vibrates !

A: 40 Ford Coupe, 49-51 Ford